A copy of the Court Order may  be mailed or faxed to (816) 881-1819


Supervised Visitation

Appropriate in cases where there are access interference concerns, parent-child estrangement, or other issues deemed to necessitate supervision of parent-child contact.  No evaluative reports prepared.


Therapeutic Visitation

A licensed therapist and/or graduate student provides one-on-one therapeutic intervention to non-custodial parents and their children to address child exposure to domestic violence, parent estrangement, or any other issue deemed appropriate by the court. Goals are established and summary reports may be provided to court professionals upon request.


Monitored Exchange

Provides a conflict free exchange service in a family friendly environment.  This program fosters conflict free exchanges of children. All exchanges are documented. 


Location and Time of Service

Services are offered at our safe, child-friendly, and convenient location at:

Family Court Resources Services
103 N. Main - Suite 200
Independence, MO 64050


Rockhurst University Community Center
5401 Troost Ave
Kansas City, MO 64110


Visit schedules are determined by staff and are assigned according to availability.