PTLA - Parenting Together Living Apart


Program Description:

PTLA is a 3 hour course for parents involved in a paternity matter who have never been married and are living apart.  

Program Goals:

This course is designed to teach parents about positive communication, cooperative parenting skills, children's developmental stages, reactions to parental conflict, and to assist never married parents in understanding the value of co-parenting their children cooperatively.

Access to Service:

All parents involved in a paternity matter are required to attend PTLA.  There is no cost for this class.  FCRS is currently offering PTLA virtually by WebEx or live in person classes.  If you are registering for a live in person class, please do not bring children as child care is not provided.  Pre enrollment is required for either class.  You must register online at least 48 hours prior to the class date.  Upon completion of the class, FCRS will forward a Certificate of Attendance to the Court for filing.  If you are completing the class by WebEx, FCRS will send a Certificate of Attendance to the email provided in the registration also.

Location and Time of Service:

Parties have the option to register for a virtual WebEx class or a live in person class.  Please click on the PTLA Registration link above to choose which type of class you would like to attend.  A list of dates and times available will be listed under each class.

For assistance, please contact Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.