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Restitution Services: Family Court Services program whose purpose 
is to make juveniles accountable to their victims through payment of restitution.

Child Victim Advocate: Provides services to children and their custodians who have been sexually assaulted by a juvenile.

Victim Services works with victims of juvenile crime in a number of ways, which includes:

  1. Victim Impact Statements: A written document that informs the Court about the victim's psychological, physical or financial loss. The Victim Services is available to assist the victim in preparing the Impact Statement for the Court.
  2. Refer victims to appropriate agencies for supportive services. Examples include crisis counseling, repair of property, and emergency funding.
  3. Inform victims of their ability to file for civil action to recover losses.
  4. Assist victims in filling out crime victims compensation claims.
  5. Assist victims in recovering their property from police departments.
  6. Prepare a letter for victims and witnesses for their employer.
  7. Provide a separate waiting area for victims and witnesses for Court Hearings and accompany victims to court.
  8. Provide the public with knowledge of the Family Court process.


Victim Services also assists violent crime victims in applying for the Missouri Crime Victim's Compensation Fund. This fund was established by the Missouri legislature to provide violent crime victims with compensation for unpaid medical bills, lost wages due to injuries suffered, counseling and funeral expenses. Additional information and application forms can be obtained by contacting Victim Services or by visiting the following websites:

Victim Compensation information

Eligibility criteria

Victim Compensation, search of past decisions

Victim Compensation Application

Grant funding for victim assistance



According to the Missouri Constitution and Missouri Statutes, victims of crime have certain rights which include notification of court dates and final disposition of the case.

For victims of dangerous felonies which include murder, arson, sexual assault, 1st degree assault, 1st degree burglary/robber, kidnapping or the attempt to commit any of these felonies, the following rights shall automatically be afforded. These rights shall be afforded (if requested in writing) to victims of all other crimes and witnesses.

Summary of Victim Rights as pertains to Family Court