Civil Process

In the 16th Judicial Circuit, the Department of Civil Process performs the same duties as a sheriff’s civil division in other Missouri counties.  The authority to perform those duties is granted under the Jackson County Home Rule Charter which was approved by a majority of qualified electors on November 3, 1970 and became effective January 1, 1973.  Those duties include: 

  • Serve circuit, associate circuit, probate and criminal summons, notices, protection orders and subpoenas
  • Execute pre and post judgment orders and writs i.e. order of delivery (replevins) writ of attachment, restitution (eviction), levy by actual seizure of personal and real property and levy by garnishment
  • Conduct the annual Court Administrator’s Delinquent Land Tax (DLT) sale in Kansas City and Independence *All Court files regarding those sales are maintained at this location.


** All service fees are paid online when you electronically file your case(s) prior to service.  Please do not mail any payments to the Department of Civil Process for service.  We only accept payment of service for non-Jackson County cases.


The Department of Civil Process is not connected to or involved with private process servers.  It does not supervise nor bear any responsibility for private process servers.




The Civil Process Department has an email address for Delinquent Land Tax questions and we will respond within two business days from your request for information.

The email address is for Delinquent Land Tax (DLT) is:




In order to bid at the Delinquent Land Tax (DLT) sale, a registration form must be submitted not less than 10 days prior to the sale. There is no exception to the 10 day deadline for registration.  Download and print the registration form and related notice. Submit the completed registration forms by mail or hand deliver to the Department of Civil Process located at 1305 Locust, 2nd Floor, Kansas City, Missouri 64106.  *Hand delivery is accepted Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm.

Publication for the Delinquent Land Tax sale can be purchased at The Daily Record, 920 Main Street, Suite 825, Kansas City, Missouri 64105.

If you wish to express any concerns regarding Civil Process, please contact:

Director                                                                    Assistant Director
Jack Foster                                                               Karen Rieckhoff
Phone: 816-881-3696                                               Phone: 816-881-3936
Email:                          Email:
Manager, Civil Process
Deputies and Process Servers                              Supervisor, Clerical Staff
Vacant                                                                       Jennifer Hodge
Phone: Vacant                                                           Phone: 816-881-3935
Email: Vacant                                                            Email:
Administrative Assistant II
Victoria Gaughan
Phone: 816-881-3696