Civil Process

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1305 Locust Street, 2nd Floor 
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone Number: 816-881-3644
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In the 16th Judicial Circuit, the Department of Civil Process performs the same duties as a Sheriff’s Civil Division in other Missouri counties. The authority to perform those duties is granted under the Jackson County Home Rule Charter which was approved by a majority of qualified electors on November 3, 1970 and became effective January 1, 1973.
Those duties include:
  • Serve circuit, associate circuit, probate and criminal summons, notices, protection orders and subpoenas.
  • Execute pre and post judgment orders and writs i.e. order of delivery (replevins), writ of attachment, restitution (eviction), levy by actual seizure of personal and real property, and levy by garnishment.
  • Conduct the annual Court Administrator’s Delinquent Land Tax (DLT) sale in Kansas City and Independence. All documents regarding the sale are maintained in the Department.



Update- the Civil Process Department will resume accepting documents for any filings related to the Delinquent Land Tax Sale for the following:

  • Confirmation Hearings,
  • Contested Hearings,
  • Evictions,
  • Excess Proceeds Hearings,
  • and Appeals following the DLT Sale in August 2023.   


Documents related to these hearings will be electronically filed with the 16th Circuit Court at the end of the proceedings. The case numbers for the 2024 DLT Auction are as follows:

Independence- Case #2316-CV13827

Kansas City- Case #2316-CV13674

As a result of this change, attorneys’ will be required to file any entries of appearance, pleadings, motions, and/or orders in person or via U.S. Mail to the Civil Process Department. Individuals who wish to contest the sale will need to deliver the Motion to Reconsider Confirmation of Sale and/or the Objection to Confirmation of Sale, in person or via U.S. Mail to the Civil Process Department. The following forms can be found on both the Civil Process and the Civil Records Department website:

  • Attorney's Entry of Appearance
  • Motion to Reconsider Confirmation of Sale
  • Objection to Confirmation of Sale
  • Application for Excess Proceeds


Contact Us:

Information regarding the Delinquent Land Tax will be available on this website and through the following departments:
  • Jackson County Collection Department (816-881-3232)- information regarding the property taxes owed, payment of taxes and/or contracts for installment payments. Note: When visiting the Kansas City office you must check in first. Text “KC” for the Kansas City office to 816-306-9042 to reserve your place in line. When visiting the Independence office it is on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Civil Process Department (816-881-3644)- is responsible for the DLT Sale in August and will handle Bidder Registration, issuance of Court Administrator’s Deed, carrying out Eviction orders. 
  • ( – on-line resource to look up case information, scheduled hearing dates, and submit electronic filings, as well as Attorney’s entry of appearance.
  • RSMo Chapter 141- the delinquent land tax sale and related processes are conducted in accordance with Missouri Revised Statute Chapter 141, which may be found at Missouri Revisor of Statutes - Revised Statutes of Missouri, RSMo, Missouri Law, MO Law, Joint Committee on Legislative Research.
  • The Daily Record- the list of Delinquent Land Tax properties scheduled to be in the auction are listed in this publication for four weeks prior to the sale in Independence and Kansas City. The list may be obtained through their website at Note: properties listed in the publication may not be available at the time of the DLT Sale, as these property owners may pay their taxes prior to the sale and the property will be removed from the sale and cannot be updated in the publication.


We are accepting papers for service in person and are no longer utilizing the Drop Box. Also, you may send your documents for service and/or bidder applications to:

Civil Process Department. 1305 Locust, 2nd floor, Kansas City, MO 64106
E-mail (Questions only, please do not send any forms or service documents by email):
For questions about service of process or status of your case: and, 
For questions about the delinquent land tax sale: .
Questions about Private Process Servers:
The Department of Civil Process is not connected to or involved with Private Process Servers. Our department does not supervise nor bear any responsibility for Private Process Servers.
For question about Private Process Servers please contact the Civil Records Department at 816-881-3926.
If you wish to express any concerns regarding Civil Process, please contact:
Director                                                                    Assistant Director
Jack Foster                                                               Mark Folsom
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Manager, Civil Process                                          Supervisor, Clerical Staff
William Mahoney                                                      Jennifer Hodge
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Administrative Assistant II                                    Supervisor, Process Servers
Dobrijela Ribar                                                          Phillip "Kyle" McAfee
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