Statistical Information

Each year the Court publishes a wide array of statistics.  Much of the information is about that year’s case filings, dispositions and inventories at the end of the calendar year.  These figures are shown by  case type groupings and compared to prior years.

In addition to the Annual and Statistical Report, some court departments also publish statistics.

Jackson County Circuit Court Annual and Statistical Reports by year

2019 Annual Statistical Report

2018 Annual Statistical Report

2017 Annual Statistical Report

2016 Annual Statistical Report

2015 Annual Statistical Report

2014 Annual Statistical Report

2013 Annual Statistical Report

2012 Annual  Statistical Report


Jury Reports

The reports below contain statistics on jury trials and juror usage for the calendar year specified.

2019 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2018 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2017 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2016 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2015 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2014 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2013 Jury Supervisor's Annual Report

2012 Jury Supervisor’s Annual Report


Office of the State Courts Administrator (OSCA)

The Office of the State Court Administrator in Jefferson City, Missouri, also publishes a list of annual reports and statistical information about courts in Missouri.