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Use of cameras and other electronic devices in the 16th Judicial Circuit courtrooms


          Upon approval of the judge, cameras and other electronic devices are allowed in courtrooms in the 16th Judicial Circuit, Jackson County.  Hearings held by phone or video conference have the same requirements and cannot be recorded unless approved in advance by the judge.    

          The Supreme Court of Missouri’s Operating Rule 16 requires that a written request be made to the Court two business days prior to the scheduled hearing.  To make a request, fill out the Media Request Form, save it as a pdf,  and e-mail it to the court’s public information officer. 

            For more information about the requirements regarding the use of cameras and other electronic devices, please refer to the Supreme Court Rule linked below, as well as, the Jackson County Circuit Court’s Local Rule on where cameras are allowed in the courthouses.

            Use of cell phones and computers in the courtroom by the media are not allowed unless a written request has been made, using the Media Request Form, and the request is granted by the judge.  In addition, virtual hearings are treated in the same fashion as in-person hearings, and the recording of audio and video, and still photography is prohibited unless approved by a judge.   


For additional information contact:

Scott Lauck
Public Information Officer
Jackson County Circuit Court
415 E. 12th Street, Suite 300
Kansas City, MO 64106-2706 

Phone 816 881-3552
Fax      816 881-3164