Jury Reporting Updates

To find out if your jury service has been cancelled, please click on the location where you were directed to report.  This information is listed in the lower left hand corner of your summons.  If you have lost your summons and are unsure of where you are to report, please contact the jury office at either 816-881-3602 or 816-881-1619. 


The Circuit Court of Jackson County has long recognized the importance of assuring that citizens summoned to report for Jury Service are also able to vote on Election Day.  It has consistently assured that citizens who were participating in the jury process, as either a prospective or actual juror on an election day, had the statutorily provided three hour block of time at either the start or end of the day while the polls were open during which they could vote.  Moreover, as provided by Missouri Statute, any prospective juror can request a six month postponement of their jury service for any reason unless they have received a postponement previously in the past six months. In addition, jurors who do report for service will have time to vote on Election Day before or after their service.  Jurors can expect to be in the courthouse for approximately three to four hours as the jury selection process has been modified due to health concerns regarding COVID-19. So, if you have been summoned for Election Day, please consider your options and take the steps that work best for you to fulfill both of your civic obligations.
Kansas City
415 E. 12th Street, Room 301
Kansas City, MO 64106
308 W. Kansas, Room 157
Independence, MO 64050

In preparation for summoning jurors, the Court has implemented an array of measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved:

  1. Many fewer jurors will be summoned to court on any given day to allow for appropriate safeguards and social distancing.
  2. Social distancing will be maintained throughout the entire jury trial process, from jury assembly and selection through jury deliberation.
  3. Face masks/protective face coverings will be required for everyone who comes into the courthouse.
  4. Health screening questions will be asked of all members of the public entering the courthouse and temperatures will be taken, to ensure that no one with an elevated temperature is seated in the jury room.
  5. Hand sanitizer will be available to you in foot operated dispensers throughout the courthouse.
  6. Disposable gloves will be available in the jury room.
  7. The jury room, courtroom, and jury room restrooms will be regularly cleaned and disinfected throughout your jury service.
  8. Air filtration systems will be used in the jury room and courtrooms.


Given current circumstances, if you would prefer to be postponed to a later date, please log into eJuror and postpone yourself up to six months.  If you are unable to postpone yourself through eJuror, please contact the jury office as soon as possible via phone or e-mail (Contact Us). 

If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or are actively caring for someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, DO NOT COME TO THE COURTHOUSE.  Instead, please contact the jury office and we will work with you on postponing your jury service.

If you have not already done so, please opt in to receive either text messages and/or e-mail notices from us through our eJuror system (include link to eJuror).  This will allow us to notify you if your service is cancelled, and could prevent you from making an unnecessary trip to the courthouse.

When reporting, you will be required to pass through security.  Individuals carrying prohibited items will be required to return them to their vehicle or dispose of them before entering the building.  Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: 

  • any firearm or other weapon
  • any sharp objects such as metal utensils, knitting needles, scissors, tools or knives of any sort
  • flammable chemicals including hair spray, pepper spray or mace


In keeping with the dignity and serious nature of court proceedings, proper attire is required in the courtrooms. Temperatures in the courthouses can vary, so you are also encouraged to bring a sweater or jacket.

Lunch is not provided for jurors by the Court. You may bring your lunch if you wish, or there are several restaurants within walking distance of the courthouses. More detailed information regarding eating establishments is posted in the jury assembly rooms. There are also vending machines located in the courthouses near the jury assembly rooms.

You should plan to be at the courthouse for the entire day.  In fact, at times, jurors are at the courthouse past 5:00 p.m., so please expect a long day.  You should also expect to have some downtime, so please bring a book, craft, or something else to occupy you during your downtime. However, keep in mind that sharp objects such as knitting needles and scissors are prohibited.

Laptops, cell phones and other electronic devices are permitted in the courthouses. Free WiFi access is also available in the jury assembly rooms.