Courthouse Visits

Courtroom proceedings in Jackson County are open to the public with the exception of most juvenile matters which are confidential by law. 

If you would like to observe a trial, the best days to visit the court are Tuesday or Wednesday.  Jurors are normally chosen on Monday, and opening arguments normally begin on Tuesday morning. 

If you are a teacher and would like to bring your class to watch a trial, it is recommended that you call the court in advance to make sure there is something happening. The parties to a case sometimes reach a settlement on Monday just as the trial is to begin.  If time allows, your class may be able to talk with a judge during your visit to the courthouse. The Judicial Cannon of Ethics prohibit judges from talking about a specific case, but they can explain the judicial process. Alternatively, the judges welcome invitations to visit schools and talk to students in the classroom about the judicial system. 

Visitors to the courthouses will go through security. The Security Policy is listed on this website under "About the Court." 

Cell phones may be brought into the courthouses.  But, they must be turned off in the courtroom.  Electronic devices such as cell phones and computers may not be used in the courtroom. The taking of photographs is not allowed in the courtroom or outside courtroom doors.  Food and beverages are also prohibited in the courtroom. 

Please contact Valerie Hartman, Public Information Officer, to schedule a courthouse visit for a school group. She can be reached at 816-881-3552 or by e-mail at: