Court Services

Court Services is made up of two departments:  Court Services and Court Purchasing.  

The Court Services group provides direct support to the Judiciary.  This support includes approval of Court purchases, contracts and Court management of facilities.  Court Services schedules equipment maintenance and controls all scheduled reoccurring services. They also manage courier services, ordering printed forms and materials for all Divisions and Departments of the Court.   Additionally, Court Services assists the Court in the preparation of annual budgets, expenditures and replacement schedules.  Court staff working at Jackson County Records Center are also apart of this department.

Court Purchasing is responsible for purchasing all items and services needed for the Court to function, ranging from staples to complex computer systems.  


Jackson County Courthouse
415 East 12th Street
8th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone:  816-881-3375
Fax:  816-881-6392

Director of Court Services

Greg Paszkiewicz
Phone:  816-881-3389
Fax:  816-881-6392

Assistant Director / Project Manager

Terry Shepard
Phone:  816-881-1309
Fax:  816-881-3226