Jury Duty

jury box image
Photo by Jaci Mairs (Court Administrator 1995-2003)

The right to a trial by a jury of one’s peers has become a cornerstone of the individual freedoms guaranteed by the United States Constitution’s Bill of Rights. The Missouri State Constitution also guarantees the right to trial by jury.

On behalf of the 16th Circuit Court of Jackson County, Missouri and our State’s citizens, thank you for responding to the call to jury service.  Each year approximately 20,000 prospective jurors, selected at random from throughout Jackson County, report for jury service at either the Court’s Kansas City or Independence courthouse locations.  As citizens, we all enjoy the rights of due process and the right to a trial before a jury of our peers.  Your service as one of the Court’s jurors makes this possible.  If selected as a juror for a particular case, your role will be to decide the facts of the case, along with the other jurors serving on that case.

Trial by jury represents the very essence of freedom under our system of government.  By your participation, you will help preserve and perpetuate our fundamental freedoms.  We hope you will find the experience interesting and educational.  Thank you for your service.

The 16th Judicial Circuit Court is taking precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all visitors and staff, including its summoned jurors.  In light of the declaration of a world-wide pandemic due to the spread of COVID-19, the Court has suspended the impaneling of all jurors for the weeks of March 16th through September 20th, 2020, by Administrative Orders. 

As a result, jury service for all jurors summoned for dates between and including Monday March 16th and Sunday, September 20th, 2020 has been cancelled.  

The Court has not yet made a decision with respect to the cancellation of jury service, or any other changes to the reporting requirements, for jurors serving on any dates subsequent to those noted above at this time.  However, you are welcome to check this site again for further updates closer in time to those future dates.  In addition, if you have not already done so, please opt in to receive either text messages or e-mail notices from us through our eJuror system (located under the Juror Login tab) and we will send you an update if your service is cancelled.