Restitution Services

Restitution Services assists juveniles in meeting their probation requirements in pursuit of becoming successful, positive citizens. Individual services are tailored to the needs of each juvenile. The Restitution Services department is also available to assist victims and answer any questions they have about the offender’s progress.

Community Restitution Diversion Program (CRDP)

This program’s purpose is to hold youth accountable for their actions through community service and victim reimbursement. For each community service hour that the juvenile works, he/she is credited an hourly amount which is paid directly to the victim from funds granted by the Missouri Division of Youth Services and the Victim Fund. Community service is provided in partnership with not-for-profit organizations and agencies.

Victim Empathy Program

An educational program designed to teach juvenile offenders about the human consequences of crime and reduce their delinquent behavior. Through this program, juveniles learn how crime affects victims and understand the trauma arising from victimization. Juveniles gain increased awareness of how their crimes will negatively impact the community, and they are encouraged to accept responsibility for their actions.

Community Service

Giving back to the community is an integral part of the restorative justice philosophy. The Restitution Services department provides juveniles with opportunities to serve by partnering with not-for-profit organizations and agencies. Participation in community service helps youth develop new skills through valuable, positive community engagement. If you'd like to get your organization involved, please don't hesitate to get in touch!

Employment Program

This program was developed for the purpose of helping youth improve employability. The curriculum is designed to teach youth how to complete employment applications, dress for success, and conduct themselves appropriately in a job interview. Along with this process, Community Outreach specialists provide assistance in the actual job search.

Community Accountability Boards

Community Accountability Boards are an opportunity offered within the Filed Services Diversion Program. Boards are made up of trained volunteers throughout Jackson County who convene on a regular basis to discuss a juvenile's offenses with both the youth and the guardians. Since 2015, Family Court has facilitated two Community Accountability Boards, one with Second Baptist Church in Independence and one with the Blue Hills Neighborhood Youth Council. Contact Lela Cayton for more information.


Mediation is a safe place for victims and offenders to talk, listen, and begin the process of “making things right.” Facilitation is performed by Family Court staff. Mediation is available on request.