Field Services

It is the mission of Field Services to continuously create and carry out habilitation and rehabilitative initiatives that provide youth and their families with coping skills, competencies, and experiences that prevent referral to and further penetration into the Justice System.
Prevention and Diversion Services
    ACCESS–through school, law enforcement or self-referral
FOCUS–status offenses, family issues, truancy, school
problems and minor delinquent behavior
  Volunteer and Mentor Program
    Volunteers work with the youth at home and in residential programs providing services such as tutoring and life skills.
  Juvenile Probation Program
    Committed to providing the guidance, structure and services needed by every youth under its supervision.
  Restitution Services
    Hold youth accountable for their actions by performing community service as well as victim reimbursement; and to teach juvenile offenders about the human consequences of crime
  Community Reintegration Group Home
    To reduce the recidivism and necessity to place or return youth to a more secure residential setting.
  2CONNECT Mentoring Program
    Mentors youth who have a parent or parents that are incarcerated in a state or federal correctional facility