Volunteer and Mentor Program

Our Volunteers Are: 

Concerned, compassionate community members;
Energetic, committed heroes;
Caring, loyal friends.

Volunteer Program

Family Court volunteers provide incredible value for youths by building up social-skills, life-skills, and setting a foundation of positive interaction. Our efforts are powered by the energies and passions of our volunteers. Whether that comes in the form of guitar lessons, yoga classes, chess games, or choir recitals, we find creative ways to apply the many, wonderful talents that our volunteers can offer.

The Family Court Volunteer and Mentor Program is dedicated to connecting youths at home and in residential programs with caring, supportive role-models, tutors, and friends.

2Connect Mentor Program

Mentorship by community members is one of the greatest assets we can offer to our youths. 2Connect matches juveniles with screened and trained volunteer mentors who can help enrich their lives and provide positive interaction. Just a few hours of mentorship each month can make a world of difference! We are incredibly proud of the success stories brought to us by this wonderful program. 

Volunteers and Mentors are accepted without regard to race, creed, religion, age, sex, color, national origin or disability. Volunteers and Mentors are required to complete an application, submit to a criminal clearance check, an abuse/neglect screening, and participate in volunteer training provided by Family Court Services.

Volunteers work with carefully screened, court-involved male and female youth, ages 9-16.

Time Commitment: Minimum of two hours a month for three to six months.