Volunteer and Mentor Program

Volunteers and Mentors are accepted without regard to race, creed, religion, age, sex, color, national origin or disability.

The Volunteer and Mentor work with carefully screened, court involved male and female youth, ages 9–16.

Time Commitment: Minimum of two hours a month for three to six months.

Self-discipline and self-pride
Trust and bonding skills
Identifying negative thinking
Positive relationships
Tutoring and improving academics
Team building skills

Volunteers work with the youth at home and in residential programs providing services such as tutoring and life skills. Mentor recruitment is our greatest need! Mentors are role models and links to community resources who form a one-on-one supportive relationship with referred youth at home and in residential care. Volunteers and Mentors are selected to participate in the program to fill an identified need. They are usually individuals or members of a group with specific skills and/or interests who will perform a specific function or task with and for the youth and families of Family Court. Volunteers and Mentors are required to complete an application, submit to a criminal clearance check, an abuse/neglect screening, and participate in volunteer training provided by Family Court Services. 

In a youth’s life
In the community

be a volunteer 
or mentor ...
An advocate for change
A role model
A link to the community
A friend