FOCIS - Focus on Children in Separation

Due to COVID-19, classes will be restricted to adults only until further notice. 





FOCIS is a 3 hour course for parents and their children ages 5-17 who are involved in a dissolution of marriage proceeding. This course is designed to teach parents and children positive ways to cope with the changes divorce brings to a family.


  • To raise awareness about the emotional dynamics of divorce and its impact on children.
  • To raise awareness about the usefulness and availability of conflict resolution resources available in Jackson County.
  • To provide parents with basic information about the Case Management process in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court.
  • To build competencies designed to empower parents to resolve conflict constructively in order to expedite the court process and to minimize the need for future court intervention.
  • To build competencies designed to help children (aged 5 – 17) cope with divorce.


Pursuant to Local Rule 68.13, all parents and any children ages 5 – 17 involved in a dissolution of marriage matter are required to attend FOCIS (a live parent awareness class).  The cost is $47.00 per parent plus service charge.  Children are free.  You must register at least 48 hours prior to the class.  Pre enrollment is required.  Upon completion, Family Court Resource Services forwards an attendance certificate to the court for filing.


Classes for adults only are now being offered once monthly at the Kansas City location for those parents who either have children under the age of 5 or are otherwise not responsible for bringing children to class.  Child care will NOT be provided.


The location* and times of service may vary.  Please click on the FOCIS Web Registration Link above for a times and locations.

 *Please note:  While FOCIS is a secular (non-religious) program, classes are often held at various facilities that are provided through the community by religious institutions.  Please do not contact these facilities directly.  For assistance contact Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.