RE-FOCIS - Refocus on Children in Separation


Program Description:

ReFOCIS is a 2 hour course for parents who are involved in a post-dissolution and/or a modification proceeding that involves contested issues of child custody and/or visitation for children 17 and under.

If a post-dissolution and/or modification matter involves only child support issues, please check with an attorney to see if this class will be appropriate.

Program Goals:

This course is designed to reemphasize the value of cooperative parenting to help parents understand the mediation process and to provide strategies for communicating effectively.

Access to Service:

All parents involved in a modification matter are required to attend ReFOCIS.  The cost is $10.00 per parent plus a service charge.  FCRS is currently offering ReFOCIS virtually by WebEx or live in person classes.  If you are registering for a live in person class, please do not bring children as child care is not provided.  Pre-enrollment is required for either class.  You must register online at least 48 hours prior to the class date.  Upon completion of the class, FCRS will forward a Certificate of Attendance to the Court for filing.  If you are completing the class by WebEx, FCRS will send a Certificate of Attendance to the email address provided in the registration also. 

Location and Time of Service:

Parties have the option to register for a virtual WebEx class or a live in person class.  Please click on the ReFOCIS Registration link above to choose which type of class you would like to attend. 

A list of dates and times available will be listed under each class.

For assistance please contact Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.