To resolve custody or parenting issues through facilitated discussion between parents.


Rule 88 Mediation: Mediation services are available free of charge by court Specialists for parents involved in court actions where visitation/custody issues are in dispute.

Rule 68.12 Mediation: Mediation services are available to parties on a sliding fee scale  for those involved in a dissolution of marriage action, a non IV-D paternity action or a modification of a prior order of custody or visitation where custody and or visitation issues are in dispute. 

Child Dependency Mediation: Mediation services are offered to parties in a child abuse/neglect or termination of parental rights matter in an effort to achieve permanency for children. Parents, guardians, adoptive resources, attorneys, and allied professionals are typically present to explore ideas about achieving permanency for the children.



Rule 88 Mediation:
Mediation is a  FREE service offered by Family Court Resource Services via Court order. Contact Family Court Resource Services office at (816) 881-1814.

Rule 68.12 Mediation: 
Mediation is offered when ordered by a judge and a Form 15 is received by BOTH parties. Mediators are selected from the courts list of approved mediators who meet the qualifications established by Supreme Court.  Fees are assessed on a sliding fee scale based on income. Parties may contact Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.

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Child Dependency Mediation: Cases can be referred to mediation in various ways. A judge can order mediation, or cases can be referred by the attorneys, the Guardian Ad Litem (GAL), or the Children’s Division.

If a Judge orders mediation, the court order is sent to Family Court Resource Services and a staff Specialist is assigned to mediate. The court order must be accompanied by the Mediation Referral Form identifying persons invited to participate in the mediation.

If an attorney or Children’s Division worker refers a case to mediation (mediation not court ordered) the Mediation Referral Form needs to be completed and returned to Family Court Resource Services.