Excess Proceeds

The properties sold at the DLT sale are sold to collect delinquent taxes owed to Jackson County, MO.  If the property sells for more than what is owed in taxes and fees to the County then current record owners(s) or other interested parties, such as, a lien holder may apply for those funds.  There is no charge for applying for the excess proceeds; however, there will be a hearing held to determine whether or not to award those funds.
Only the record owner who lost the property or any lien holder can apply for the excess proceeds.
You will need to complete an application for Application for Delinquent Land Tax Excess Proceeds and file it with this department.  You will then receive a Notice of Hearing giving you the date, time and location of your hearing.  If you are awarded excess proceeds from the hearing, the funds will be requested 30 days from the judgment.
There are no court costs or fees to file for Excess Proceeds.
Legal Representation: In most instances you do not need to hire an attorney; however, certain entities, including associations, partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations cannot represent themselves in Court (see RSMo ยง 484.020.1). In addition, individuals may desire to have legal counsel assist them in this process. Whenever legal counsel becomes involved in the matter the representing attorney shall complete an Entry of Appearance form found on the 16thcircuit.org website, Civil Process Department, Civil Process Forms.

Searching for Excess Proceeds:


If you wish to search for Excess Proceeds related to Delinquent Land Tax Records you may go to the tab under the 16thCircuit.org Home page entitled, Court Records & Resources. The Delinquent Land Tax link will take you to another site on the website where you may search by: Suit Number, Parcel Number, Property Address, Record Owner, Purchaser Name, or browse All Parcels.


Please note that we only maintain records for Excess Proceeds for the past three years.