Confirmation Hearings

Confirmation hearings are generally held approximately three months after the DLT Sale and are normally held in November and December.  As part of due process the previous owner or interested party can present evidence as to why the sale should not be confirmed, so until the Judge rules on the case the bidder cannot take possession of the property.  The Judge will also ensure that no property is sold for substantially less that their true value, hear testimony regarding the variance between the winning bid and the appraised value, and the Judge may order the bidder to increase his bid by a specified amount or cancel the sale of the property.
Prior to the Confirmation Hearings, the Jackson County Counselor's Office will mail the Notice of Confirmation Letter to the current owner of the property, anyone who has a legal interest, and the individual and/or business with the winning bid at the DLT auction.
The Notice of Confirmation Hearing letter will notify the recipients of the Division, Court date, and the time of the Confirmation hearing.

All properties sold at the DLT auction will have a Confirmation hearing date. If someone objects to the sale the Judged may decide to continue the case, so that all interested parties can have time to present evidence at the new hearing date and a new Notice of Confirmation Hearing letter will be sent out the interested parties.