Bidder Information

INDEPENDENCE: August 2, 2019
KANSAS CITY: August 9, 2019
Important Notice for Bidder Applications:
As of July 31, 2019 the KCMO Police Department will no longer be providing criminal records check. You will need to respond to the Kansas City Municipal Court at 511 E 11th st, Kansas City, MO 64106, or you can follow this link for your record check to submit with your application.
Please be advised that it may take (3) days to obtain this report.
In order to bid at the Delinquent Land Tax (DLT) sale, a registration form along with any documents required for properties owned in Jackson County must be submitted no less than 10 days prior to the sale. There is no exception to the 10 day deadline for registration.  Submit the completed registration forms by mail or hand deliver Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm to the:
Department of Civil Process
1305 Locust, 2nd Floor
Kansas City, Missouri 64106
In order to qualify as a Bidder for the sale you will need to complete the Bidder Registration form and comply with the following (if applicable):
  • Obtain and present a statement with the completed Registration Form from each city in which you own property to demonstrate that you are not the owner of any parcel of real estate with two or more convictions based on violations of that municipality’s building or housing codes (see Bidder registration form for list of contact numbers for municipalities).
  • If you are an owner of real estate in Jackson County, MO that you are not affected by delinquent taxes and in compliance with RSMo 141.550.
NOTE: For a business, corporation, LLC, partnership, limited partnership, trust, or real estate trust which owns property in Jackson County please provide proof from the individual responsible for receiving service, notice, order, or summons because of a violation of a municipal building or housing code, such as:
  • For a corporation, a corporate officer and the chief operating officer.
  • For a partnership, the managing partner.
  • For a limited liability company, the managing or administrative member.
  • For a limited partnership, a general partner.
  • For a trust, a trustee.
  • For a real estate investment trust, a general partner or an officer.
  • If the owner does not reside in Jackson County, he or she shall provide information from the individual who is designated as the local agent who is authorized on behalf of the owner to receive service of any notice, order, or summons issued because of a violation of a municipalities building or housing code.
You cannot take possession of the property until the Judge rules in favor of the purchaser and confirms the sale (see Confirmation Hearings).
Once you have been assigned a bidder number, you may put a deposit on the account prior to the sale.  If you are the winning bidder this will allow you to use the monies you deposit to pay for the property and speed up the process at the sale.  We accept cash, cashier’s check, or money order and any monies deposited that are not spent at the sale will be returned to you by check.
Publication for the Delinquent Land Tax sale can be purchased at The Daily Record, 920 Main Street, Suite 825, Kansas City, Missouri 64105. Information about the tax sale will be published four weeks before the start of the sale.