Bidder Information

INDEPENDENCE: August 15, 2022
KANSAS CITY: August 22, 2022
Approved Bidder Application deadlines for the Independence and Kansas City Delinquent Land Tax sale is 10-days prior to the start of each of the two start dates. If your application has not been approved by these dates you will not be able to participate in the Independence and/or Kansas City DLT sale. Please note that it takes a minimum of 3 - 5 business days to process your application and if you own property in Jackson County you must have documentation from each of the municipalities you own property for each individual responsible for the property included with your submission.
We begin accepting bidder applications in April 2022 and strongly encourage you to submit your applications early.
Important Notice Regarding Changes to the Bidder Registration Process:

1. There are now two forms we utilize for the registration process.  One is for Individual(s) and the other for Business(s) that are applying to register as bidders for the Delinquent Land Tax Sale (DLT Sale).  The two forms are a Bidder Registration Form for Deed and Compliance with Municipal Building or Housing Codes.

The Bidder Registration Form for Deed will be utilized to track and assign a Bidder Number for the DLT Sale. We will also utilize the bidder number to track any deposits or purchases you make during or prior to the sale. We also utilize the name(s) listed on the form, as the legal name(s) and or business when applying for the Court Administrator’s Deed.

The Compliance with Municipal Building or Housing Codes form will require the Individual(s) and or Business Owner(s) or responsible party to obtain a letter or criminal record check from any municipality in which the Individual(s) and or Business Owner(s) own and or manage real property.  For example, if a Business owns (2) properties, one in Blue Springs, MO and the second in Grain Valley, MO and there is (1) Owner and (1) responsible party, the listed owner and the responsible party would each need to have a letter and or criminal record check from the two municipalities.  So, we would expect to have at least (4) letters and or criminal record checks attached to the registration forms. This form will be utilized by the Civil Process Department to approve or disapprove the request to register for the sale.

2.  In order to approve your registration form we have to send your registration form to the Collections Department and they will verify whether or not you or your business owns property in Jackson County, Missouri and you or your business does not have a tax bill which has been delinquent for more than six months (allow 2-3 business days).  Also, if you or your business owns property in Jackson County, Missouri you will be responsible for obtaining a letter and or criminal records check from any of the municipalities where you own properties for yourself or in the case of a business any owner and or representative responsible for the property(ies) which demonstrates that you or your representative does not have two or more violations of a municipalities housing or building codes.

It is highly recommended that you turn in your registration forms and letter(s) or criminal records check(s) as early as possible because we cannot determine how many documents we will receive and the registration forms will be processed on a first come first serve basis.  In addition, in order for you to be approved as a bidder you will have to have all of your documentation included with the registration formsWe recommend the latest you turn in your registration forms and letter(s) or criminal records check(s) at least two weeks prior to the 10 day deadline, so that our staff will have time to process your registration form.

Note: the dates for the sale and the deadline to be approved for the sale will be listed in the Notice to Bidder information provided with the registration forms and are listed on this website.  The contact information for municipalities regarding building and housing code violations is also listed at the bottom of the Notice to Bidder letter.

The changes listed above have been taken to ensure our compliance with RSMo 141.550.2 which requires that  No person shall be eligible to bid at the time of the sale unless such person has, no later than ten days before the sale date, demonstrated to the satisfaction of the official charged by law with conducting the sale that he or she is not the owner of any parcel of real estate in the county which is affected by a tax bill which has been delinquent for more than six months and is not the owner of any parcel of real property with two or more violations of the municipality's building or housing codes.  A prospective bidder may make such a demonstration by presenting statements from the appropriate collection and code enforcement officials of the municipality.

Bidder Registration Information:
In order to bid on properties in the DLT sale you must register for the sale and your registration must be approved no less than 10 days prior to the sale (see our link Bidder Registration).  All properties are sold by calling their legal description and are sold as is and all sales are final.  The Bidder is responsible for ensuring that they are bidding on the correct property and have done their due diligence, as they will be responsible for any potential environmental contamination, and any taxes and assessments that are not included in the judgment.  For additional information please refer to the Jackson County Collections Department link: Buying Tax Foreclosure Property on the Courthouse Steps.

In order to qualify as a Bidder for the sale you will need to complete the Bidder Registration forms (Bidder Registration) and comply with the following (if applicable):

  • If you are an owner of real estate in Jackson County, MO that you are not affected by delinquent taxes and in compliance with RSMo 141.550.
  • Obtain and present a statement with the completed Registration Form from each city in which you own property to demonstrate that you are not the owner of any parcel of real estate with two or more convictions based on violations of that municipality’s building or housing codes (see Bidder registration form for list of contact numbers for municipalities).

NOTE: For a business, corporation, LLC, partnership, limited partnership, trust, or real estate trust which owns property in Jackson County please provide proof from the individual responsible for receiving service, notice, order, or summons because of a violation of a municipal building or housing code, such as:

  • For a corporation, a corporate officer and the chief operating officer.
  • For a partnership, the managing partner.
  • For a limited liability company, the managing or administrative member.
  • For a limited partnership, a general partner.
  • For a trust, a trustee.
  • For a real estate investment trust, a general partner or an officer.
  • If the owner does not reside in Jackson County, he or she shall provide information from the individual who is designated as the local agent who is authorized on behalf of the owner to receive service of any notice, order, or summons issued because of a violation of a municipalities building or housing code.


You cannot take possession of the property until the Judge rules in favor of the purchaser and confirms the sale (see Confirmation Hearings) and you have the Court Administrator’s Deed.  The Court Administrator’s Deed cannot be issued until after a twenty day waiting period for the appeal process, which begins after the Judge signs the Order for the Confirmation of the sale.  In addition, the Court Administrator’s Deed requires three signatures, so the process generally takes approximately 30 days after the sale is confirmed.

Once you have been assigned a bidder number, you may put a deposit on the account prior to the sale.  If you are the winning bidder this will allow you to use the monies you deposit to pay for the property and speed up the process at the sale.  We are not accepting cash for the 2021 DLT sale, cashier’s check, or money order only and any monies deposited that are not spent at the sale will be returned to you by check. All Cashier’s check and money orders need to be made out to the "Jackson County Court Administrator".


Publication for the Delinquent Land Tax sale can be purchased at The Daily Record, 920 Main Street, Suite 825, Kansas City, Missouri 64105 or at Information about the tax sale will be published four weeks before the start of the sale.