Execution / Garnishment

In an effort to expedite the execution/garnishment process, the Civil Records Department is requesting that you provide the following items to avoid delays in processing your individual case.  Requests which do not comply with these requirements may be delayed or returned. 

  • All requests for garnishments in Jackson County are required to use form CIRCT 1695 together with interrogatories on circuit court form CIRCT 1665 to be served on the garnishee.  Both CIRCT 1695 and CIRCT 1665 are available under Civil Records Forms.  Attorney offices can duplicate form CIRCT 1695, but will be required to periodically review the Court form for revisions. 


  • The 1695B form is required for Restitutions. 


  • Execution/Garnishment forms should be legible.  Completed information should be dark enough for scanning. 


  • Provide original (if filing pro se) of CIRCT 1695.


  • Verify that the case number is correct.


  • Do not add the principal and interest together.  The principal amount should not exceed the judgment.


  • Attorney fees that are not in the judgment cannot be included in your request.


  • Provide the full name and address of the garnishee.


  • Provide proof of ownership when an automobile is involved from the Department of Revenue.


  • Provide legal description of property when requesting a real estate levy



  • For service outside of Jackson County, please provide the County Sheriff’s Office, address and a check payable to the Sheriff with your request if you are filing pro se. 


  • Provide a self-stamped envelope for the return of a copy of your request and receipt containing the return date if you are filing pro se.