Domestic Docketing

Domestic Docketing processes all new Domestic Filings including Motions to Modify, Termination of Child Support, Family Access Motions, Change of Names and Miscellaneous domestic filings.


What does it cost to file for a divorce?
Please see Civil Records - Fees

How long before I go to court?
If it is an uncontested case, it is approximately 11 weeks.  If it is contested, it is approximately 17 weeks.

Do you have forms to Terminate Child Support and how much does it cost?
There are Motions to Terminate Child Support on the website under Civil Records Forms.  The fee is under Civil Records Fees.

Do I need an attorney?
Being represented by an attorney is not required, but we are not able to advise you of what forms you have to file or assist you with completing them.  You can obtain filing information and forms at

Do I have to come to court?
Yes, you should come to court.

Does the other party have to come to court?
They should, but they don’t always come.

Can I serve the papers myself?
No, a party to the case can not serve the papers.  If must be done by either Civil Process for Jackson County, or the sheriff in another county.  You may also request a private process server be appointed.