Civil Process

In the 16th Judicial Circuit, the Department of Civil Process performs the same duties as a sheriff’s civil division in other Missouri counties.  The authority to perform those duties is granted under the Jackson County Home Rule Charter which was approved by a majority of qualified electors on November 3, 1970 and became effective January 1, 1973. 

The clerical department operates from two locations, the Civil Records Department in Kansas City and Independence Courthouses.  A combined total of 7 clerical staff and 2 supervisors. 

This department is responsible for preparing papers for service, answering phone calls and entering all service information in the computer.  


How can I check service on my case?
Service information is available on-line through

What is the service fee for Jackson County?
See Fees under Civil Records

What do I need to send and where do I send papers for service in Jackson County originating from another county or state?
Send an original summons and a copy of the summons with your petition attached for each defendant to be served. The proper service fee must be paid by cashier check or money order, and a self-addressed stamped envelope enclosed for the return.

Why hasn’t my paper been served?
We do not guarantee service.  It is your responsibility to provide specific serve information.

How can individuals who have hearing impairments can participate in teleconference or video conference calls?

Please see the link below for more information.