Support Services

Support Services mission is: To provide quality products, services, and information to Family Court staff, clients and the community.

This goal is accomplished through the activities of the following departments: 

SECURITY:  Provides security protection at the Jackson County Family Justice Center

DOCKETING:  Schedules cases for court hearings and reviews legal documents determining processing
required and taking necessary action 

COURT CLERK FUNCTIONS (JUDICIAL RECORDS):  Acts as chief deputy clerk for the Family Court judge and performs filing, processing and disposition of Family Court cases 

RECORDS AND RECEPTION:  Provide centralized filing, copy, facsimile and mail services, answers incoming calls to the Family Court and assists the public coming in for court 

FACILITIES SERVICES:  Provides facility services for all programs and sites, improves and maintains all infrastructures; and cost effective and efficient response to facility issues pertaining to operations 

RESIDENTIAL FOOD SERVICES:  Provide nutritious, appetizing meals to Resident Youth  in compliance with USDA guidelines

WAREHOUSE, FLEET, AND LAUNDRY:  Provides supplies and services support yearly for over 2400 residents, 400 staff and 13 facilities of the Jackson County Family Court