Adoption Record Disclosure

Missouri Statutes Regarding Adoption

Missouri statutes define what information may be released from a closed adoption record and under what circumstances. When the law allows, the Family Court provides a means of contact between an adult adoptee, birth parent(s) and adult sibling(s). 

Adoption and Foster Care - Section 453.120 RSMo.
Records of adoption proceedings are not open to inspection except on order of the court - penalty for violation

Adoption and Foster Care - Section 453.121 RSMo.
Adoption records, disclosure procedure--registry of biological parents and adopted adults.

Requesting Adoption Information and what can be disclosed

Non-identifying information regarding the biological parent(s) may be obtained by applying to the court that finalized the adoption.

An adopted adult may request identifying information about the biological parent(s) and adult sibling(s). The court then authorizes a confidential intermediary searcher to locate the biological parent(s) or adult sibling(s) to inform them of the request and to let them know that they have the right to release information, maintain confidentiality, or perhaps update medical history information. Identifying information is only released in accordance with Missouri law.

Adoption Searches and Registries
Frequently Asked Questions About Disclosure of Adoption Information