Adoption Searches and Registries

Searchers/Confidential Intermediaries

The court does not perform searches but can refer an adopted adult to a confidential intermediary.

When assigned a case, a confidential intermediary conducts a discreet search for the biological parent(s) named in the adoption record. Upon locating that the parent(s), the intermediary informs him/her that contact is sought from the adoptee and explains Missouri adoption laws.

Confidential Intermediaries will conduct a search for the biological parent (s) and, if located, will determine whether they are interested in being contacted by the adopted adult. When the agency has completed the search, they will notify the court of their findings. There is always the possibility that the searcher will be unsuccessful in locating the biological parent(s) or the parent(s) may not wish to be contacted. In either event, the searcher's report will be filed in the adoption file in the event that the biological parent should change their mind at a future date. The searching process may take up to 3 months to complete. Upon completion, you will be notified of the search results.

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Registries maintain a free computerized registry matching adult adoptees with biological family members. The registry is strictly a reunion registry, and does not perform a search service or search assistance.

Informational brochure:

The Adoption Registry forms are available below in MS Word 6.0.

Adopted Adult Registration Form
Biological Parent Registration Form 
Adult Sibling Registration Form

Return forms to:  

Missouri Adoption Information Registry
P.O. Box 88
Jefferson City, MO 65103 
(573) 751-2981