Since I've been told that I was adopted, where do I get non-identifying information?
  You apply to the court that finalized the adoption. There are 45 circuits in Missouri.Generally, the circuit is where the birth occurred or where the adoptive parents were residing at the time of adoption.

I hear there is a way to get adoption records but my adoptive parents are deceased, where do I start?
  The best place to start is the county where your adoptive parents were residing during your adoption. Contact the juvenile court or the family court in that county. Also, contact the county located on your birth certificate.

I'm a biological parent, can I request non-identifying information concerning the adopted adult or the adoptive parents?
  No, Missouri law does not have a provision for biological parents to request information concerning the adopted adult or adoptive parents.

I'm under 18 years of age. Can my adoptive parents or legal guardian submit a written request for non-identifying social history on my behalf?

When a person is adopted, can they receive a copy of their amended birth certificate from the adoption file?
  No, copies of amended birth certificates are held at the Missouri Department of Vital Records.

Can biological parents keep the court file updated with information which may include current address, telephone number, medical history, or correspondence to the adopted adult for future use should the adopted adult contact the court?

As adoptive parents can we request identifying information on behalf of the adopted adult?

Why do I need to retain a confidential intermediary to conduct a search for my biological parents?


A confidential intermediary assists the court because people move, change their names through marriage, and sometimes have no remaining ties with the area in which they lived at the time of adoption relinquishment. The choice to retain a confidential intermediary is completely voluntary.

I have heard that if I have written for non-identifying information in the past and received it, it is a good idea to write again, if several years have passed, or if adoption laws have changed?
  Yes, since both the adopted adult and the biological parents can submit consents for disclosure at anytime after the adoption has occurred.

Can I get a copy of my original birth certificate from the Court?
  The Court does not issue birth certificates and does not provide copies of birth certificates.  You need to visit the Missouri State Vital Records website for directions on how to obtain copies of Missouri Vital Records, such as birth certificates, and for information on the Missouri Adoptee Rights Act (2016).