Q. Do I call Court Services or Court Purchasing for questions concerning court dates, attorney information, traffic tickets, child support, marriage licenses, etc?

A.  No, Court Services is a service department that assists the internal divisions and departments with miscellaneous functions and services. Purchasing is solely for procurement needs of the Court.  Please click here for the information page for correct contact information. 


 Q. Where can I find information about what bids the Court is currently seeking?

A. All bids are handled by the Purchasing Department. Prospective vendors may pick up a Bidder Application Form at the Purchasing Office located at 415 East 12th Street; Room 8M East, Kansas City, MO  or download and print the  Vendor Registration Form. Return the vendor registration form as directed on the form.  Vendors should also frequently check our web site on the Current Bid Opportunities page. 


Q. What criteria is used to award bids, quotes and proposals?

A. Bids/quotes for goods and non-professional services are awarded to the “low and best” responsive and responsible bidder meeting specifications.  RFP award recommendations are based on other criteria in addition to price. The document will specify the award weight scale for each RFP.


Q. Does Circuit Court have vendor parking.

A. Purchasing has very limited parking available. Vendors may park in one of the “all day” parking lots or garages close to the courthouse; or you may park on the street at a parking meter. The Circuit Court will not be liable to pay parking fines for illegally parked vehicles. Parking Map.


Q. Is there a delivery dock at Circuit Court?

A. The only Court building to be equipped with a dock is the 415 East 12th Street,Kansas City location.  This dock is on Oak Street which is on the West side of the building.  Deliveries must be scheduled with Purchasing prior to delivery date to ensure delivery access.