Competitive Solicitation

The Purchasing Department seeks to secure supplies, materials, equipment and services (both construction and professional) for Circuit Court in an efficient, professional, timely and cost effective manner, and in accordance with all legal requirements and ethical standards.

A competitive solicitation process is the preferred method for acquiring goods, services, and construction for public use in which award is made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, award is based solely on the response to the criteria set forth in the IFB.


Solicitation Process

Description of Service

Amount of Goods and Purchased Services


Goods and services procured by means of three (3) quotes, obtained by a phone, email or fax.

Less than $3,000.00

Invitation for Bid (IFB)

Purchasing will issue an IFB for goods or services obtained by e-mail.

$3,000 to less than $15,000.00

Formal Sealed Bid

Purchasing will issue and IFB for goods or services obtained by e-mail, bid response must be submitted in a sealed envelope and in conformance with a prescribed format to be opened in public at a specified time.

$15,000.00 and up

Request for Proposal

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is used in lieu of an Invitation for Bid when award is to be made on the basis of performance that is offered rather than price alone.

$3,000 and up

Single  Source

Occurs when only 1 vendor possesses the unique and singularly available capability to meet the requirement of the solicitation, such as technical qualifications, ability to deliver at a particular time, or services from a public utility.


$50.00 and up

Emergency Buy

In cases of emergency, where the immediate procurement of supplies or services is essential to prevent delays in the work of any Court operation, which may affect the life, health, welfare or convenience of citizens or employees, and there is not sufficient time for the formal bidding or quote process, the Director of Court Services may authorize the waiving of the bid process.

$50.00 and up

Cooperative Contracts

Cooperative contracts are  those contracts whereby two or more public procurement units purchase from the same supplier using a single IFB, IFQ or RFP