Accounting and Fiscal Office

The Fiscal Office is part of the Court Administrator’s Office and provides financial advice to the Court Administrator, the Judges and Commissioners, and the individual records departments.  The Director is assisted by Accountants who work in the following areas: 

  • Accounting of case transactions
  • Reconciliation of the Court’s financial records
  • Preparation of the court’s financial statements and other reports
  • Developing of internal controls for accurate accounting and safeguarding of the Court’s assets and liabilities
  • Cashiering of the Court’s annual delinquent land tax sales
  • Coordination of the Court’s external audits
  • Coordination and preparation of the Court’s annual report of unclaimed property


The Fiscal Office mainly serves in a support capacity to the Court.  Although the Fiscal Office may ultimately be the department to resolve financial questions with the public, inquires regarding the financial transactions of cases, should be made initially through the appropriate records department (Civil Records, Criminal Records, Probate Records, and the Unit of Service and Judgment Enforcement for delinquent land tax questions).