Court Dates: 

How can I find out when my court date is?
Information regarding court dates is available on Case.net, where you can search by name, case number, or jurisdiction.

Can I get a continuance of my court date by telephone or email?
No, you or your attorney must appear in Court to request a continuance.

 I missed my court date, what do I do? 
A missed court appearance may result in the issuance of a warrant for your arrest. If you have an attorney, contact him/her for assistance. Otherwise, if your case was heard in Kansas City, immediately report to the Department of Criminal Records located in the Criminal Justice Center at 1315 Locust. If your case was heard in Independence, immediately report to the Department of Criminal Records in the Independence Courthouse at 308 W. Kansas, Suite 127.

Court Records:

What are the Remote Public Access and Redaction Requirements?

Please visit the Remote Public Access page  on the Missouri Courts Website

How do I find out if I, or someone else, have a case or warrant? 
Information regarding cases in the 16th Circuit and other jurisdictions is available on Case.net.

Do you perform background or criminal history searches?
No, we do not provide general information regarding criminal history, case status, nor do we perform background checks on individuals. Requests for background checks or criminal history searches must be directed to the Missouri State Highway Patrol. The Missouri State Highway Patrol maintains the central repository for the State and collects information from all law enforcement agencies, prosecutorial agencies and courts statewide.   For further information, contact:
Missouri State Highway Patrol
Criminal Justice Information Services Division
P.O. Box 9500
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
General criminal information may also be available on Case.net.

I am applying for a job and have to provide a complete criminal history. How do I get that information?
Requests for criminal history and/or background checks should be made to the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

How do I get copies from a 16th Circuit criminal case file?
Please complete the correct Copy Request Form and file with the appropriate office of the Department of Criminal Records.  Please read the form carefully as it contains detailed information regarding fees and processing requirements.  

What if I can’t pay the copy/processing fees?
If you believe your financial status qualifies you for exemption from payment of copy and processing fees, you must complete a legal document (affidavit - Application to Proceed In Forma Pauperis) claiming indigence, which will be ruled on by a judge.  

Where can I find a 16th Circuit criminal case number?
Case information for the 16th Circuit and other jurisdictions is available on Case.net.  Searches can be performed by defendant name, case number, and/or jurisdiction. 

What is a “closed record”?
A closed record is a record that must be maintained in a manner inaccessible to the general public, except that the court’s judgment or order or the final action taken by the prosecutor may be accessed. Certain agencies or persons may have access for specific purposes. Please refer to the Missouri Revised Statutes for further explanation and examples of agencies authorized to view closed records.

How can I get an arrest record expunged?
(Note:  The following explanation is intended as a general overview only; we recommend you consult with an attorney about specific requirements and procedures.)

A person who wishes to have a record of arrest expunged may file a petition for expungement in the Civil division of the circuit court in the county of the arrest.  If the court finds that the petitioner is entitled to expungement, any record that is the subject of the petition shall be closed. The effect of this action, if the court enters an order of expungement, is that the individual would no longer be required to acknowledge under any circumstances that the arrest had ever occurred. 

Additional requirements/procedures apply for expungement of arrest, plea, trial, and conviction records related to specified misdemeanors and felonies, per 610.140 RSMo.  Contact an attorney for further information or assistance.

I have/had a case in your Court and I moved, do I have to notify the Court?
Yes. You must provide the Court with your new address by completing and submitting a Change of Address form immediately upon moving. (*Note: you are the only authorized person who can change your address with the Court; a friend, family member, etc. is not authorized to do so.) 


Can I pay a fine by mailing in payment instead of appearing in court?
The Department of Criminal Records only accepts mail in payments for non-mandatory (payable) traffic offenses.  If your ticket is a payable ticket, you may go to case.net and use the "Plead and Pay" feature. Click on this link plead-and-pay for more information. Click on the following links for more information regarding each fine schedule Fine-Schedule---state-traffic-offenses.pdf, Municipal-ordinance-fine-schedule.pdf, Fine-Schedule---conservation-offenses.pdf and Fine-Schedule---water-patrol-offenses.pdf

What manner of payment is accepted?

  • Criminal cases: For payment of fines, fees and costs, we accept cashier checks, money orders, cash, and credit/debit cards (credit/debit card transaction fees apply).
  • Traffic cases (Independence location only): For payment of fines, fees and costs, we accept cashier checks, money orders, personal checks, cash, and credit/debit cards (credit/debit card transaction fees apply). 
  • Bail bonds:  For payment of monetary bonds, we accept only cash, cashier's check, and credit/debit cards (credit/debit card transaction fees apply) *Note:  Jackson County Detention Center or other holding facilities may accept alternate forms of payment; contact that facility directly for verification. 

Who should I make the money order or cashier’s check payable to?
Jackson County Circuit Court. Be sure to include full name (printed legibly) and case number with payment for proper credit.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay my fine and/or court costs?
Yes, you can pay by credit or debit card in person with photo ID. If fines and costs have been assessed on your case you may also Pay by Web.  Transaction fees apply. Telephone payments are not available at this time.

How do I get a Compliance Letter?
A Compliance letter is issued once the case is disposed and paid in full or dismissed.  The Compliance letter is given to the defendant if appearing in person at the time of disposition or the letter is mailed to the last known address in our system.
How do I find out how much restitution I owe?
For criminal restitution, contact the following:
  • Ordered after February 1, 2004, contact Midwest ADP.
  • Ordered after August 28, 2013, contact the Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney office at 816-881-4641

How much time do I have to pay off my court costs and/or fines?
Full payment of costs and fines is generally due 30 days from disposition (date of judgment).  If the full amount is not paid within 30 days of disposition, a time payment fee of $25.00 will be assessed and a payment plan established. The remaining debt can be paid in 6 monthly payments. The total debt must be paid in full no later than 180 days from disposition.

If the full amount is not paid within 180 days of disposition, the debt will be forwarded to a collection agency pursuant to 488.5030 RSMo , and additional fees for debt collection will be incurred. Further, the Missouri Department of Revenue may intercept your state tax refund pursuant to 488.5028 RSMo.  

Who do I contact if my unpaid court debt is sent to a collection agency?
Coast Professional Inc.

How much do I owe in Criminal court costs?

If fines and costs have been assessed on your case, you may use the Pay by Web option.  Transaction fees apply.  If the pay by web option indicates that the payment plan balance due the court has been referred to Coast Professional Inc. for collection you will need to contact Coast Professional Inc. at the number listed above.  If fines/costs information is not available through the pay by web option, contact the appropriate Criminal Records office location in which your case was processed.


I need to bail someone out of jail on a 16th Circuit Court case, how do I do that?
If the bond set is a cash bond, contact the facility where the defendant is in custody and complete the bond paperwork which the defendant will be required to sign. If the bond set is a surety bond, contact a bonding agency. 

The Department of Criminal Records processes bonds on regular business days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Photo identification is required to post a bond.

Can I use a credit or debit card to pay a bail bond at the Court?
Yes, when paying in person. Photo identification is required. Transaction fees apply.

I posted bond for someone to get out of jail, will I get that money back from the Court?
Bonds are posted and applied to the defendant’s case number, and receipts are issued in the name of the defendant only.  The Court will consider any bond money posted as belonging to the defendant, and you relinquish any claim you may have to that money should the Court later need to refund the amount on the case.  Recoupment of bond money is a private matter between you and the defendant. 

My own court case is done and I want the bond money back. How do I get it?
Any potential bond refund will be automatically reduced by the amount of court costs and/or fines assessed unless otherwise ordered. You may contact the Department of Criminal Records office (Kansas City or Independence depending on where your case was disposed) and verify your mailing address and whether the refund has been processed.  Bond refunds are processed in the order in which they are received, please allow 14-21 business days for the refund process. 

Other Jurisdictions: 

Where do I appear for a traffic ticket issued by a city police officer?
Contact that city’s Municipal Court, with the  exception of Lake TapawingoLake Lotawana and Lone Jack tickets. You will need to contact Criminal Records regarding Lake TapawingoLake Lotawana and Lone Jack  tickets.


I had a case in a City (Municipal) court and I want to appeal. 
Contact the Municipal Court of the city where the case was heard for information regarding the appeal process. You will file all appeals for Lake TapawingoLake Lotawana and Lone Jack cases with Criminal Records.



What are SIS and SES probations?
The court sets the conditions and designates the specific terms of probation at the time imposition of the sentence is suspended (SIS) or execution of the sentence is suspended (SES).  The following characteristics are generally associated with a SIS or SES: 

Suspended Imposition of Sentence (SIS)

  • No sentence is imposed.
  • The judge does not include jail time or a fine in the disposition order.
  • Probation is granted in lieu of a fine or jail time.
  • No points may be assessed against the offender’s driver’s license (in a traffic case).
  • In cases involving commercial driver’s license (CDL) an SIS is considered a conviction for purposes of suspensions or revocations. 
  • The offender’s case record is closed to the public (i.e., confidential) when the case is “finally terminated”, except that the court’s judgment or order or the final action taken by the prosecutor may be accessed.

Suspended Execution of Sentence (SES)

  • Sentence is imposed and the execution (carrying out) of the sentence is suspended, either in part or totally.
  • The judge includes jail time and/or a fine in the disposition order however, all or part of the sentence is suspended.
  • Probation is granted in lieu of some or the entire sentence.
  • Points are assessed against the offender’s driver’s license if the charge carries a point assessment penalty (in a traffic case).
  • The offender’s record is open to the public.


I have to report convictions on a job/school application, are SIS or SES probations considered convictions?
(Note:  The following explanation is intended as a general overview only; we recommend you consult with an attorney about specific requirements.)   

SIS:  If a defendant successfully completes the probation, this is generally NOT considered to be a conviction for purposes other than subsequent criminal prosecutions and certain driving and weapons privileges.

SES:  An SES probation IS generally considered a criminal conviction.

Is there a website for Midwest ADP?

Rule 6.04

Where can I find information about lawyer discipline?

The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel was established by the Supreme Court to investigate ethical complaints against lawyers.

Where can I find the list of lawyers who have been stricken from the roll of attorneys pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 6.02 or who have elected to become inactive pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 6.03?