What is Detention

The mission of Detention is to:

  1. Protect the community.
  2. Protect the juvenile.
  3. Ensure appearance for Court.
  4. Cooperate with holds and warrants from other jurisdictions.


Juvenile Detention is the temporary and safe custody of juveniles who are accused of conduct subject to the jurisdiction of the Court who require a restricted environment for their own or the community's protection while pending legal action. Further,

Juvenile Detention provides a wide range of helpful services that support the juvenile's physical, emotional, and social development. Helpful services minimally include: education; visitation; communication; counseling; continuous supervision; medical and health care services; nutrition; recreation; and reading. Juvenile Detention includes or provides for a system of clinical observation and assessment that complements the helpful services and reports findings.

On-site Detention Programs include:

  • Education as provided by Kansas City Missouri School District (KCMSD);
    Teachers located in the Detention Center 
  • Full-time and on-call nursing staff, physicians from Samuel U.Rodgers Health Center; 
    Doctor and Nurse services
  • Substance abuse prevention and education;
  • Psychological services;
  • Anger control;
  • USDA approved meals;
    Meals are planned to meet USDA requirements
  • Voluntary spiritual services;
    Detention has religious services you can attend if you desire.  You can ask to see a minister of the religion of your choice.  Your worker will clear the request with the Superintendent.
  • Organized recreational activities;
    Activities including exercise
  • Life, parenting, and social skills training.