Juvenile Officer

The responsibilities of the Juvenile Officer of the 16th Judicial Circuit are defined in Chapter 211, Section 211.401 of the Missouri revised statutes.

211.401. 1. The juvenile officer shall, under direction of the juvenile court:

  1. Make such investigations and furnish the court with such information and assistance as the judge may require;
  2. Keep a written record of such investigations and submit reports thereon to the judge;
  3. Take charge of children before and after the hearing as may be directed by the court;
  4. Perform such other duties and exercise such powers as the judge of the juvenile court may direct.
    1. The juvenile officer is vested with all the power and authority of sheriffs to make arrests and perform other duties incident to his office.
    2. The juvenile officers or other persons acting as such in the several counties of the state shall cooperate with each other in carrying out the purposes and provisions of this chapter.


Mission and Responsibilities