Family Court Services evaluates programs and services to best meet the needs of juveniles, families, and the community.  Following is a list initiatives being employed within Family Court Services.

Juvenile Alternatives to Detention Initiative
The proper use of secure detention. 

Disproportionate Minority Contact

Office of Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention 2002 report
Missouri Efforts to Decrease DMC 
DMC exists when members of minority groups are contacted at every stage in the Juvenile Justice process where the proportion of youths contacted exceeds their groups' proportions in the general population.

Restorative Justice
A theory of justice that emphasizes repairing the harm caused or revealed by criminal behaviour. It is best accomplished through cooperative processes that include all stakeholders.

Teaching youth to think and act responsibly through a peer-helping approach

American Correctional Association Accreditation 
A system of verification that correctional agencies/facilities comply with national standards. Family Court Services is in the process of ACA Accreditation for Field Services and secure Detention.