Information and answers to most questions regarding the OSCA e-filing system, and this Court's use of such, can be found within the numerous links throughout this website.   The information found on this page is intended to merely supplement those existing resources, specifically as it pertains to electronic filings in criminal cases.   If after reviewing all of the information provided, you have remaining questions or require assistance, please proceed as follows:

For questions or to report problems with the electronic filing system, please contact OSCA directly at, or, call toll-free at (888) 541-4894.

For questions regarding specific 16th Circuit e-filing practice and procedure, you may contact the Department of Criminal Records at (816)-881-4357.


Supplemental E-Filing Information:





Electronic Filing Help

For assistance with the Missouri E-filing system, the Court encourages users with questions or concerns to contact the help desk of the Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA).

The e-mail address is:

Or, call toll-free at: (888) 541-4894.