What is Hilltop

The mission of Hilltop is to:

  • provide effective therapeutic services and quality treatment to adjudicated youth and their families;
  • provide a safe and secure environment;
  • reduce risk behaviors; and
  • promote accountability

Hilltop is a residential treatment center operated by Family Court Services, which houses up to 20 adjudicated males and 10 adjudicated females.  The length of the program is different for each resident. The minimum stay is approximately five months, the average is six months, and some youth need more time to develop successful skills. 

Program completion depends on the willingness of the resident to accept responsibility for their actions and meet the goals of their treatment plan.  Our goal is for each resident to learn and practice the necessary skills to become responsible and control their behaviors so that when they leave Hilltop, they will not be involved in further criminal activities.

Hilltop offers a variety of services including:


With these services, Hilltop works on improving your son’s behavior through daily groups which focus on improving his thinking skills, teaching communication skills, problem solving skills and anger management skills.

Progress in these areas is monitored on a daily basis through the Behavior Management Program.  This program monitors resident’s daily interactions with staff and peers.  It offers residents an opportunity to hold themselves and their peers accountable for their actions.  

When you have a concern regarding your youth’s behavior or treatment progress, please contact the assigned Hilltop Case Management Officer (CMO).  We are interested in hearing and resolving your concerns. By maintaining contact with your youth’s CMO, you are able to remain informed about your youth’s progress and offer valuable input in his/her treatment. By working together, we provide the best opportunity for your youth to successfully transition and grow in the community.