Juveniles and Adoptions

Appointed Counsel

Supreme Court Rule 4-6.1 
Pro Bono Publico Service

Local Rule 21.6.1
Local Rule Attorney Appointments

Family Court Division - Juvenile Administrative Order 19-03
Attorney appointments in Chapter 211 RSMo Matters and Civil Contempt Actions Filed in Family Court.

Hearings in Child Abuse/Neglect Cases - Flow Chart
Pursuant to Section 211.030.1(1), RSMo and Rules 123.05, 124.01

Law and Rules

The law unique to proceedings in Family Court Division - Juvenile can be found in the Missouri Revised Statutes in Chapters:

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 The Supreme Court Rules unique to proceedings in the Family Court Division - Juvenile can be found in SCT Rules 110.01 et. seq. Circuit Court's website with listing of Circuit Court Rules

Notice to Attorneys - Missouri Supreme Court Rules regarding service by publication in juvenile and adoption cases.

Local Administrative Orders Family Court Division - Juvenile

Listing and text of current local administrative orders governing the operation and practices of the Family Court Division - Juvenile.

Practice Tips for Interacting with Counsel for Other Parties

Most attorneys practicing in Juvenile Court will interact with the legal staff of the Juvenile Officer, the Office of the Guardian ad Litem, the CASA Project, and counsel representing the Children's Division. Below are practice tips written by staff members which may help you in your representation of your client. 
Attorney for the Juvenile Officer
Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)
Office of Guardian ad Litem (OGAL)

Family Court Division - Juvenile Advisory Panel

Pursuant to Local Rule 21.6.2 the Administrative Judge of the Family Court appoints a panel of individuals experienced and familiar with the proceedings and practices of the Family Court Division Juvenile who are available for information and advice to attorneys less familiar with these matters.

Administrative Order 18-04 Appointment of Juvenile Court Advisory Panel and the current active members of the Juvenile Advisory Panel (list of attorneys and contact information). Panel members are appointed to serve on a yearly rotational basis.

Telephone Numbers

Family Court and frequently called agency phone numbers