Domestic Relation and Domestic Violence

Law and Rules

The law unique to proceedings in Family Court Division - Domestic Violence can be found in the Missouri Revised Statutes in Chapter

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The Supreme Court Rules unique to proceedings in the Family Court Division - Domestic Relations and Domestic Violence can be found in SCT Rule 88.

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Local Administrative Orders: Family Court Division - Domestic

  • Case Management system for Domestic Relations Cases filed on and after April 16, 2001 - Administrative Order 2005-099 .
  • Amendments to Domestic Relations Case Management System - Administrative Order 2003-08.


Case Management

Case Management of Domestic Relations cases

Family Court Resource Services

The mission of the Family Court Resource Services is to reduce the negative consequences for those involved in making legal changes to family relationships.

Forms, Booklets, and General Information

Procedure and requirements to obtain Orders of Protection:


Telephone Numbers

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