Juvenile Delinquency

The majority of delinquent referrals to the Juvenile Officer by law enforcement will eventually be handled through diversion. As the impact of juvenile court referrals on offenders can be profound and, in some cases, life long, the office will not accept delinquent referrals from individuals or public agencies other than the law enforcement agencies. The Jackson County Juvenile Officer has jurisdiction over delinquent offenses which occur in Jackson County or where the juvenile offender is a resident of the county even though the offense occurred in another county within Missouri. Underlying the prosecution of delinquency cases is the Juvenile Officer’s recognition that community safety and offender accountability are keys to rehabilitation. Prosecution, which includes the use of appropriate diversion programs, can be used to both protect the community and to hold juveniles accountable for their actions. In both informal cases and formally filed cases, we see our role as helping the Court hold offenders accountable, provide community safety, and restore victims and the community at large where possible.

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