Filing Fees


(Amended – Effective May 14, 2012) 

4.01  COST DEPOSITS:  The following table sets forth the required cost deposit which must accompany the initial application/petition: 

I.  Decedent’s Estates:  Where letters testamentary or administration are applied for: 






II.  Guardianships and Conservatorships 

A.  Minor – Person Only (Does not include fee for service)


B.  Minor – Person and Estate or Estate Only (Does not include fee for service)


C.  Incapacitated – Person Only (Does not include fee for service)


D.  Incapacitated and Disabled – Person and Estate or Estate only (Does not include fee for service)


E.  Close Conservatorship under Section 475.320



III.  Miscellaneous Matters 

A.  Refusal of Letters


  1.  Spouse and Unmarried Minor Child

       Includes one attested/certified copy of order



  2.  Creditor

       Includes one attested/certified copy of order



B.  Small Estate Affidavit

      Includes one certified copy of order


      If admitting will at time of filing of Small Estate





C.  Dispense with Conservatorship Minor (Sec. 475.330)


D.  Admit Will to Probate (No other proceedings)


E.  Sale of Real Property by non-resident Conservator


F.  Determination of heirship (Does not include fee for service)


G.  Petition to require administration (Does not include fee for service)


H.  Grant of letters in decedent estate where sole purpose of estate is for PR to file final settlement of deceased fiduciary


I.  Trusts and Other Civil Filings

Each new filing, appointment of successor trustee, Petition to set aside irrevocable trust, trust registration, Durable Power of Attorney, non-probate transfer, Transfer to minor



J.  Initial proceeding for letters for person absent for five or more years


K.  Grant letters D/B/N when estate reopened after discharges


L.  Each Commission to Prove Will


M.  Transmitting original Will to another Court

Certified Mail Cost Only

N.  Deposit of Will for Safekeeping



4.02 COPIES 

The above deposits do not cover the cost of copies of certificates, which are additional.  Copies furnished by the court are $0.30 per page. 

            Authenticated Copies are $6.00

            Certified & Attested Copies are $4.00 

There will be no charge for copies to any party who has been allowed to proceed in forma pauperis or any state, county or city office. 


The court, in particular matters, may require, at any time, an additional cost deposit to cover the accrued or estimated future costs. 

4.04  NOTE 

Copies may be charged to the estate if the fiduciary or the fiduciary’s attorney is requesting the copies.