Division 19 - Judge Mark A. Styles, Jr.


Current Assignment: 

Appointed to the Bench: 

Division E-Mail:


Judicial Administrative Assistant

Lisa Reynolds
Phone:  816-881-3759
Fax:      816-881-3272
E-mail:  lisa.reynolds@courts.mo.gov

Law Clerk

Sarah G. Johnson
Phone:  816-881-1382
Fax:      816-881-3272
E-mail: sarah.johnson@courts.mo.gov

Court Reporter

Kathy Foley
Phone:  816-881-3804
Fax:      816-881-3272
E-mail:  kathy.foley@courts.mo.gov

Circuit Court Judge

Jackson County Courthouse
415 E 12th Street  - 9th Floor
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone:  816-881-3759
Fax:      816-881-3272


Policies & Procedures




WebEx Video Conference Information

Attorneys and litigants may attend the Division 19 regular dockets via video conference using WebEx.  To Join, click the following link https://mocourts.webex.com/meet/div19chambers and follow the instructions.

Division 19 regular dockets are held:

Monday at 9:30 am

Tuesday at 9:30 am

Wednesday at 9:30 am

Wednesday at 1:30 pm

Thursday at 9:30 am

Thursday at 1:30 pm

Friday at 9:30 am

Telephone Conference Information

If you need to use your phone to join the video conference, please use the following number and access code:

USA Toll-Free: 1-408-418-9388

Access Code: 146 921 7871