What Could Happen

The abuse must stop and you must be safe

The way to stop abuse is to talk about it. Child abuse is against the law. Even if the abuse only happens once or seems like it is over, it is important to tell someone you trust.
Child abusers may tell kids that something bad will happen if they ever tell anyone. If the abuser is a family member, kids may be afraid the family will break apart if they tell the secret. Remember, the way to stop abuse is to tell someone. You should not keep it a secret.

If I tell, will anyone believe me?

Yes. There are adults who will believe you and who will help you. Some adults may not want to believe that you have been abused. If an adult tells you to forget about it, tell
someone else. Keep telling until someone listens!

What will happen to the abuser if I tell?

The abuser may get the kind of help he or she needs to stop hurting children. A person who abuses children needs help. Most abusers need special counseling. If the abuser is someone in your family, you may see less of him or her for a while. Because child abuse is against the law, some abusers may go to jail. If an abuser goes to jail, it is his or her fault - not yours.

Source: Office for Victims of Crime Department of Justice