PTLA (Parenting Together Living Apart) REGISTRATION


This course is for never married parents involved in a paternity case.

Parties register for classes online using the link below.  There is no fee for these classes.

COVID-19 Registration Procedures

Please note that beginning September 1, 2020, parents involved in Paternity and Motion to Modify actions will be directed online to register for virtual classes through Webex for PTLA, (Parenting Together Living Apart) and ReFOCIS, (Refocus on Children in Separation). 

Litigants involved in paternity or modification matters, (ReFOCIS and PTLA), will register online for classes (

Family Court Resource Services will send registered participants a link by email to their class session and upon completion, will send Certificates of Attendance to Civil Records for filing.

How to use Webex:

The Webex application can be used on the following devices:  iPhone, iPad, Android devices, laptop computer, or desktop computers.

How to use Webex:  Log into your email and click on the Webex meeting invitation.  Click "join meeting."  

A prompt box will appear, click "Open Cisco Webex Meeting"

Once you click "Open Cisco Webex Meeting" a window will appear and you will be able to see everyone in the PTLA (Re-FOCIS) class.


The PTLA class registration link is provided as a convenience for PTLA registration only and does not establish nor imply this court’s sponsorship or approval of this website, its affiliates or advertisers.

When you click on the following link, you are leaving the 16th judicial circuit court’s website.  This link is located on another server.  Please click on the link below to leave the court’s site and proceed to the PTLA class registration site.

2020 PTLA Registration

2021 PTLA Registration

For questions, please contact Family Court Resource Services at (816) 881-1814.