What type of benefits does the Court offer?

For more information, see the County Benefits Summary or the State Benefits Summary, depending on the type of position for which you are applying.

If I work for the Court, will I be a state or county employee?

You will be an employee of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court. 70% of our positions are funded by Jackson County and 30% are funded by the State of Missouri. The Court is the Judicial branch of both County and State government and is separate from the Executive and Legislative branches. We also have a few positions which are funded by grants from various sources. Salary and fringe benefits are provided by the State of Missouri, Jackson County, or through the grant (not all employees are eligible to receive all benefits). See the individual job posting to find out whether a position is county or state funded or funded through a grant. Regardless of the funding source, all employees are considered to be employees of the 16th Judicial Circuit Court.

What does the posting date and closing date on the job posting mean?

The position is posted for application for the period starting with the posting date and ending on the closing date, inclusive.

How do I apply for different positions when I already have an active application on file?

You should apply for each position for which you wish to be considered and meet the qualifications. Applicants for clerical positions must have been tested prior to consideration for a posting. Applicants for Correctional or Residential Youth Worker who successfully pass the screening and background check processes are placed in a pool for all available Youth Worker positions and forwarded to hiring supervisors once a week. If you wish to be considered for any job as a clerk or Youth Worker, apply for the posting for the clerical or youth worker pools.

What type of testing is required for clerical or secretarial positions?

Applications for clerical and secretarial positions are screened by Employment Specialists in Human Resources. Those who will be considered further are invited to come to Human Resources for spelling, data entry, typing and other related tests. For Secretarial positions there may be other tests such as letter composition. The spelling test is 10 minutes, the data entry and alpha numeric data entry tests are 5 minutes each, and the typing test is 3 minutes. The testing and initial interview process takes approximately one hour.

What type of testing is required for Youth Workers?

Applications for Youth Worker positions are screened by Employment Specialists in Human Resources. Those who will be considered further are forwarded to the hiring department for selection of those applicants who are invited to test for their suitability in working with troubled and at-risk youth, as a part of the screening process. All applications are screened for minimum qualifications as well as experience and suitability for positions. Individual supervisors screen applications sent to them by the Employment Specialists for the most suitable candidates to interview for each individual position.

Where do I park as an applicant for a position?

Street parking is available at most facilities. The Family Justice Center and Hilltop facilities and 3100 Main have free parking lots at or near the facilities. The buildings at 415 East 12th Street, 1305 Locust and 1315 Locust do not have free parking. There are a variety of parking lots and garages available in the immediate vicinity of these buildings. The George Wolfe Garage (Standard Parking) is located at the corner of 11th and Oak Street downtown - the downtown Courthouse is just across the street to the southeast.

What about parking for employees?

Parking is provided free of charge for all employees of the Court.

If I am to be offered a position, who will be contacting me?

The extension of an offer of employment will come only from the Human Resources Department.

What are group or panel interviews?

This type of interview is done by Family Court and have two formats: 1.) a single meeting between a group of qualified applicants for a position and a panel of Family Court employees; 2) a series of individual meetings between individual qualified applicants for a position and a panel of Family Court employees. Family Court positions at a Job Grade C06 and above are typically filled through this process. Youth Worker applicants may also be subject to this process.

How long is my application considered active?

Applications for the Youth Worker, Clerical, and Bailiff/Law Clerk pools are active for consideration for up to three months from the date of receipt in the Human Resources Department. If you wish to be considered longer, you must complete a new on-line application for the positions for which you wish to be considered. Applications for specific positions are considered active until the position is filled.

What is the average time for processing an application for a specific job?

It varies depending on the position, probably between two and six weeks. If you are applying for a Youth Worker or clerical/secretarial position, your application remains in the pool for three months unless hired or disqualified. Failure to attend a scheduled event, such as an interview or test, without notifying the party who contacted you, is one reason for disqualification of your application.

Can I submit a resume? If I do, can I just refer to it and skip some of the information required on the application?

You may include a resume in addition to your application for employment. In order to officially be considered as an applicant for a job with the Court, you must submit a fully completed Court application for a job. It is also not acceptable to write "see resume" on the application for employment. If you wish to attach a resume, it must be in MS Word or Adobe format.

Can I just indicate “Any” for the position I am applying for so I can be considered for all positions?

No. You must complete an on-line application for each position you are applying for. We will not match your application.

What type of background checks are done?

Background checks are completed on all applicants considered for employment including: (1) criminal and police, (2) employment references, (3) educational, and (4) certification or license verifications if required by the job. Applicants considered for employment at Family Court are also subject to background checks for Child Abuse & Neglect. Applicants for positions requiring driving as a part of the job are also subject to drivers’ license and driving record checks. Some positions require drug testing and a physical evaluation and are noted on the specific job posting. The existence of a criminal record is not an automatic bar to employment; factors such as the nature and gravity of the offense(s), time passed since the offense(s), and the nature of the job sought will be taken into account.

What does it mean that the Circuit Court of Jackson County Missouri is a nonpartisan court?

The nonpartisan plan provides for the selection of Judges based on merit rather than political affiliation. Employees must refrain from certain political activities while working for the Court. They are prohibited from making any direct or indirect contribution to or holding any office in a political party or organization or taking part in any political campaign.