Protection Order Unit Forms

*The emails and phones numbers given for the court will only be answered between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on business days. Petitioners wishing to request an adult or child order of protection after business hours may contact a local law enforcement agency, a hospital, or one of the following shelters:

Rose Brooks Center in Kansas City, Missouri at 816-861-6100
Newhouse in Kansas City, Missouri at 816-471-5800
Hope House in Independence, Missouri at 816-461-4673 (HOPE)
Synergy/ Safe Haven in North Kansas City, Missouri at 816-321-7050
PLEASE NOTE:  When filling out the paperwork, you can use the format "/s/Your Name" to electronically sign the documents.  Additionally, you are the petitioner and the person you are filing against is the respondent, and please fill out every form as complete as possible.  When finished, email the forms to either the Independence Courthouse at or the Kansas City Courthouse at depending on the courthouse closest to you.  If you are unsure, they can also be sent to Civil Records For safety purposes, paperwork will not be processed until the petitioner calls and speaks directly to a clerk to verify their submission.
If you have any questions or have already emailed your paperwork, please call the office the appropriate office.         
                    Independence Protection Order Unit (816) 881-4600 
                    Kansas City Protection Order Unit  (816) 881-3974