Division 60

Division 60 is a visiting judges division created by the Presiding Judge of Jackson County, Missouri.  A case assigned to the Division is any case from which the 16th Judicial Circuit has been recused because of a circuit wide conflict or any other case or docket directly assigned to a visiting judge by the Presiding Judge of Jackson County.  Division 60 may be assigned any type of case or docket, including circuit, associate and commissioner cases involving civil, criminal, domestic, family court or probate matters. 

The visiting judges of Division 60 sit as judges of the 16th Judicial Circuit at a location in Jackson County by authority of a judge transfer order issued by the Supreme Court of Missouri.  A judge transfer order is specific to each visiting judge and may be specific to a single case.  The judge transfer order gives a visiting judge the same powers and responsibilities as a Jackson County Judge or Commissioner and continues until final disposition of the case or cases assigned to a visiting judge including after-trial proceedings.

The location of Division 60 varies according to courtroom availability but is generally designated to be in the empty offices and courtroom of the circuit judge assigned as family court administrative judge. The parties and/or attorneys who have entered appearances in a visiting judge case should be notified of the specific courtroom location for any matter scheduled in a case by the Division.

All correspondence and courtesy copies of pleadings and proposed orders should be addressed to Division 60, 415 E. 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64106 or sent electronically to: Div60chambers@courts.mo.gov


Presiding Judge Law Clerk

Phone:  816-881-3721
Fax:      816-881-1556
E-mail:  Div60chambers@courts.mo.gov

Visiting Judges

Jackson County Courthouse
415 E 12th Street
Kansas City, MO 64106
Phone:  816-881-3721
Fax:      816-881-1556





Re: Procedures Concerning Visting Judge Cases and Compliance with Local Rule 3.6 and 33.5.6