Speakers Bureau

This program is designed to promote interaction between judicial officers and the public.  The Speakers Bureau can provide judges and court commissioners to speak at school functions, in the classroom, meetings and community events. 

The judges enjoy the opportunity to increase the public’s understanding of the judicial system. As part of the state court system, the judges rule on issues involving state law.  They preside over civil, criminal, probate, juvenile, family and small claims issues.

The judges would be glad to tailor their remarks to the interests of your group.  However, the judges are bound by the Judicial Canon of Ethics which preclude them from discussing a specific case pending before the court or providing legal advice.

The following are the type of topics your group might be interested in:

  • The role of the judge in the legal system
  • How does a civil or criminal case move through the legal system?
  • How are judges selected?   History of the non-partisan court plan inMissouri.
  • What is Drug Court?
  • How are the rights of the innocent protected under our constitution?          
  • How does a case move through the judicial system when a teenager is arrested       for drunk driving or drug possession?
  • What happens in Probate Court?
  • Your rights under the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • What happens in Small Claims Court?

To request a speaker, contact Valerie Hartman, Public Information Officer, at  816-881-3552.   Or e-mail: valerie.hartman@courts.mo.gov