Budget and Finance Office

The Budget and Finance Office is part of the Court Administrator’s Office and is responsible for the financial operations of the Court by providing accounting, auditing, investment and budget functions related to Court operations and to provide reporting and accountability to Court Administration, departments divisions and the public.

The Director of the Budget and Finance Office is assisted by accountants who work in the following areas: 

  • Preparation of the Court’s annual appropriated and un-appropriated operational budgets
  • Budget management in the spending of the operational budgets, monitoring and adjustments
  • Accounts payable processing, reconciliations and monitoring
  • Accounts receivable reconciliations and monitoring
  • Grant application, reimbursement processing, reconciliation and monitoring
  • Management and investment of the Court’s investment portfolio.
  • Coordination and supervision of the external audit process
  • Monitoring, tracking and analyzing Court and County revenues for budgetary projections
  • Policy and procedure creation, review and recommendation
  • Assisting and advising the Court Administrator in developing, implementing and updating the Court’s mission, strategic vision and values


The Budget and Finance Office serves in a support capacity to the Court and the County as a financial liaison between the two branches of county government. 

Requests for non-case related financial information may be obtained through the Court’s Public Information Officer at 816-881-3552.


Inquiries concerning case financial information should be directed to the Court’s Case Fiscal Operations Office and may be contacted at 816-881-3717 or at 816-881-3980. 


Court vendors with payment questions should contact the Budget and Finance Office directly using the contact information provided on this page. 


Budget and Finance Office

415 East 12th Street – 9th Floor

Kansas City, MO 64106


Budget and Finance Officer

Cynthia L. Freeman

Phone: 816-881-3643

email: cfreeman@courts.mo.gov


Budget Office Accountant

Diane Freed

Phone 816-881-3317

email: dfreed@courts.mo.gov


Accounts Payable Accountant

Ashley Tillman
Phone:  816-881-1222