Where can I find information on eFiling in Probate cases?
Information concerning eFiling in Probate cases is available in the eFiling section of the Jackson County Circuit Court's Website. 
Which pleadings must be submitted physically to the Probate Department after eFiling the pleading?
Please see Local Court Rule 72.3.
Notice re:  Revised Rule 72.3
Which Corporate Surety Companies are currently approved by the Court?
The Probate Department maintains a list of Corporate Surety Companies in which we have received a certified copy of the Certificate of Authority.
List of Corporate Surety Companies  
Am I required to retain an attorney in order to file a probate matter?
Missouri Law requires an attorney in certain matters.  Please see the Notice to Pro Se Litigants.
Why can't Court Staff answer my questions and/or assist me with filing a probate matter?
Court Clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice pursuant to 484.020 RSMo.
Court Clerks may provide limited assistance in filling out forms necessary for obtaining an order of refusal of letters pursuant to 473.091 RSMo.