NOTICE - Reappointment of William R. Jackson, Division 40 Family Court Commissioner

Posted by Angela Lopez 02/21/2019

Pursuant to the “Reappointment Policy for the Family, Probate and Drug Court Commissioners,” passed by the Court en banc in 2015, a standing retention committee will review Commissioner Jackson’s judicial performance in order to make a recommendation to the Court en banc regarding reappointment.

The committee welcomes any relevant written documentation or information regarding the Commissioner’s performance. The committee will review all pertinent information with respect to relevant factors including good character, judgment, legal competence, docket management, courtroom management, temperament, judicial demeanor, and commitment to equal justice under the law.  The members of the Reappointment Committee will privately review all responses in this matter.  Although some responses may be shared with other members of the bench on a need to know basis, anonymity of the respondents will be guarded.

Please e-mail your comments to Mary A. Marquez, Court Administrator, Circuit Court of Jackson County, no later than close of business on April 12, 2019

Her e-mail address is