Posted by Angela Lopez 07/12/2019

The current term of John Pruitt Killian, Public Administrator, expires on February 8, 2020.  Pursuant to the Reappointment Policy for the Public Administrator adopted by the Court en banc, a Reappointment Committee has been named by the Presiding Judge to review the performance of Mr. Killian in order to make a recommendation to the Court en banc regarding his reappointment. 

The Committee welcomes any relevant written documentation or information regarding the Public Administrator’s performance.  The members of the Reappointment Committee will privately review all written responses.  Every effort will be made to ensure the confidentiality of any such written responses.  Persons and/or organizations wishing to provide such information to the Reappointment Committee should use the Survey available on the Court’s website at  

Please e-mail, fax, or mail the completed survey to Mary A. Marquez, Court Administrator, Circuit Court of Jackson County.  Completed surveys must be received by 5:00 PM. on August 30, 2019.  The email address for Ms. Marquez is  The fax number for is (816) 881-3164. The mailing address for the Court Administrator’s office is 415 E. 12th Street, 3rd Fl., Kansas City, MO 64106. 

Performance Survey